Designing the roofing layer of a project requires flair and understanding of the structure as well as an intimate knowledge of the products being put on it. Getting the correct products specified so that they work for your client is what we do. Working with the major UK manufacturers and suppliers we have compiled the most extensive database of roofing products. Using our unique linking system we know that the products that you specify for
your customer will all work together providing a water tight, effective and good looking roof.

  • Ensure the products you are using fit together
  • Ensure your roofs components are to the main Tile Manufacturers specification
  • We build a take-off document to compliment your design, this would be used in the build phase of the project
  • Make the roof fit a budget, we include labour estimates also

We make sure that the covering specified will work on all the shapes that you draw as well
as such things as, length of rafter and pitch.

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